Our vision
We want to make the everyday life of people in sales and service a little more pleasant

About us

What we do

We want to create the best tools for contacting and follow-up that professionals in sales and service can get.

Why we do what we do

“Hej” is Swedish for “hello” at eye level. Professionals in sales and account management deserve more recognition and more of the magic moments when customers are noticeably happy with their customer experience.

Where we come from

As consultants and developers, we implement tailor-made CRM systems for established companies. In the course of time we have built up a deep understanding of the people who inspire their customers every day against all odds.

Join Hej

Work is an important part of life and should be fun. With us you can come and be as you are. We love open source software, single trail riding, gardening, traveling, photography, reading, tennis and tinkering with computer hardware and mountain bikes.

Join our mission!

Bist du Developer, UX Designer oder Sales Growth Experte? Nehme Kontakt per LinkedIn auf, dein Ansprechpartner ist Clemens von Dincklage (Geschäftsführer).