Focused dialing with the Power Dialer

Focused dialing with the Power Dialer

We have developed a powerful new feature that makes it easier to focus on dialing planned contacts.

What’s new
You can now create a list from the planned call activities of the day with one click. With a second click you can start dialing this call list. The next call is automatically dialed when you have finished the previous call.

What it does
You no longer need to start every single scheduled call manually. This is practical if you need to make a large number of focused calls to a large number of contacts. This saves time and makes work even more convenient.

What is required
You need the Hej CTI app for the desktop. “Scheduled calls” must be active in the Hej CTI app. Take a look at these instructions.

Some improvements are planned for the near future. Feel free to send us your wishes.

Call ahoy!
The Hej team

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