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Hej CTI brings telephony together with CRM and optimizes processes in sales and service

Hej Sales CTI - Telefonie Browser-Add-on für sipgate team / Pipedrive / Salesforce / SugarCRM / SuiteCRM / Hubspot


Say goodbye to complicated CTI solutions!

Supercharge your workflow in sales and service with a perfect CRM to telephony integration. Set-up the integration in less than 5 minutes. Everything works in your browser and on Windows, Mac or Linux. Hej CTI’s ergonomic user interface and seamless CRM data integration is a pleasure to use.

Hej CTI - Telefonie Browser-Add-on für Google Chrome & Firefox
Hej CTI - Telefonie Browser-Add-on für Google Chrome & Firefox
Hej Sales CTI - Contact info

Know, who's calling

See a business card view of the contacts who’s calling. Start with a warm personal welcome. Then open the caller’s contact profile in your CRM with one click. Hej CTI makes for a personal start of your conversation on the phone.

Hej Sales CTI - Contact info

Talk with the built-in softphone

Make and receive calls from everywhere with the built-in softphone. You are not bound to a fixed workplace anymore. Hej CTI makes professional work on the phone more pleasant and creates more freedom for you and your team.

Telefonieren nur mit dem Browser
Telefonieren nur mit dem Browser
Hej Sales CTI - Click to Call in the List View of the CRM
Hej Sales CTI - Click to Call in the List View of the CRM

Dial out with a single click

Dial out from the contact in your CRM with one click. Typing numbers manually and dialing wrong numbers are things of yesterday. Hej CTI is like a personal assistant who saves you time and energy.

Hej Sales CTI - Click to Call in the List View of the CRM
Hej Sales CTI - Click to Call in the List View of the CRM

Let calls be logged automatically

Let calls be logged automatically in your CRM with call time, duration, direction, and status. If the phone number is available in your CRM, the call log is related with a matching contact. Focus fully on your conversation, because Hej CTI takes over tedious protocol processing for you.

Hej Sales CTI - Create notes
Hej Sales CTI - Create notes
Hej CTI - Call history

Get a clear view on your missed calls

See all your missed calls and voice messages in a clear view. Then call back with one click. Listen to your voicemails in your browser. Open the contact profile or account profile in your CRM with one click.

Hej CTI - Call history

Make calls efficiently with Preview Dialing

Do you plan calls in your CRM and want to call them down more efficiently? Then “Preview Dialing” feature is certainly very suitable for your way of working. Preview Dialing allows you to control the workflow yourself and ensures powerful contact activity through a systematic approach.

Hej CTI - Preview Dialer for Calls
Hej CTI - Preview Dialer for Calls
Hej Sales CTI - Slack bot

View calls in Slack

Hej CTI’s Slack Bot shows you the call history of your sipgate account directly in Slack. Callback? One click! See contact details and history in CRM? One click! The integration of Hej CTI for Slack opens up many more creative solutions than you can imagine in the beginning.

Hej Sales CTI - Slack bot

Experience best-in-class professional support

Do you need support? The Hej CTI team takes care of your issues quickly so you’ll be more productive. We are 100% focused on your success and we easy to make it easy for you.



Custom solutions

Many CRM tools are individually configured and adapted to business processes. In other words: objects and fields are added or modified. With Hej CTI’s Logic Rule Editor you can map individual logic, which is needed for example for integration with your CRM or for call logging. Optionally, we can also create customized dialogs and assistants according to individual customer requirements. Take the first step now and talk to us about your topics.

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Hej CTI - Custom fields and functions




for Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM or Zendesk

per user/month

Free 7-day trial, no credit card required

monthly cancelable
All prices plus statutory value added tax. All services are only for commercial customers.

Product Features

  • Making a phone call with the built-in softphone – Speak in best voice quality. Features like call transfer, presence indicator and Do not Disturb time make you more productive.
  • Unique User Experience – Hej CTI strives to offer the best ergonomics in CTI and to effectively support your workday. The aim is to provide a seamless experience for people using CRM tools.
  • Automatic call logging – Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls directly in your CRM including voicemails and call recordings. Eliminate manual data entry and get a complete overview of all customer interactions, so you and your team can learn from the data.
  • 1-Click-to-Dial – Dial the target contact in your CRM with a single click of the phone number.
  • Caller Identification – Know who is calling before you pick up the phone and see their contact details.
  • Individual call notes – Create an individual call note while you are on the phone. Hej CTI then automatically links it to the right contact and account. Optionally, for certain CRMs it is also possible to link to a case (ticket) or an opportunity (deal).
  • Call history – View all past calls in a clearly arranged view. Recognize what belongs together through the intelligent color coding. Filter your calls by different criteria. Edit past calls directly in the history view.
  • Missed calls and voicemail – See missed calls and voicemail. Call back with one click in the extension or in Slack. Listen to your voicemails.
  • Scheduled Calls – Get the upper hand on your scheduled calls. Use a view optimized for outbound actions to efficiently handle pending calls.
  • Preview Dialing – Automate the display of the next CRM contact from your call list. Start dialing with the next click only when you’re ready. Reschedule the call to another appointment if necessary.
  • Freely definable call result list – Standardise the documentation of call results. Use the freely definable selection list and improve the evaluation of your activities.
  • Individual adaptability – Easily create logic rules to reflect your ideas for call logging or to adapt to individual data structures of your CRM.
  • Extensive compatibility – Take advantage of the wide range of compatible devices and softphones on Linux, MacOS and Windows with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Business class support – Professional support directly from the makers of Hej CTI.

Features may vary depending on the CRM used. Subject to change without notice.



Your CRM is missing? Just tell us which CRM integration you would like!

What our customers say

Questions and Answers

How can I test Hej CTI?

Simply log in to the Hej portal with your sipgate user account and start a free trial version of the CTI app for CRM with all functions, which includes up to 5 seats and ends automatically after 7 days. Of course, our support will help you with all the details.

How is my data protected?

We consider security and protection of privacy as a process of continuous thinking and implementation of appropriate measures. All data (for example the person’s name who calls) from the CRM is only displayed, not stored on our servers. The data transfer from the server to the browser is encrypted. All customers from the EU and Switzerland are hosted on servers in Germany and only there data is stored. You can find more information about the measures in our  data processing agreement (DPA) and in our data privacy statement.

What are the system requirements for Hej CTI?

You will find an overview of the system requirements in the FAQ section.

What are the options if we do not use sipgate?

Sipgate is required for you and your team to use Hej CTI. Sipgate is a cloud telephony solution. You can start immediately and don’t need to buy new equipment. You can book fixed and mobile flat rates, local phone numbers (also abroad) and you can set the sender number for each phone individually. Sipgate can also be used in parallel to an existing telephone system.

Who charges for calls and API usage?

Phone calls and API usage are charged by Sipgate GmbH.

How can I order Hej CTI?

You can order CTI seats in the Hej portal and pay securely by credit card. We use stripe for payment processing, meaning no credit card data is processed or stored on our servers

Does the tool meet the requirements of the GDPR?

You can find out about our measures in the data protection declaration and in the Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

You can find our general terms and conditions clicking this link.

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